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Kubosh Bail Bonding

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Doubting client..... I have been a client of Kubosh for the last several months and have become very acquainted with Barbara. I had no idea I would walk into an office with so much to offer, bail bonds, attorneys, background checks for a small fee, legal advice, immigation tips with a referral for legal representation and even will give you a good price for a car (cheaper than the car lot! Before you go in there and ask for information, make sure you ask if the information comes at a price if you decide not to do the bond. I stepped into the bonding office and got a discount price (at least I thought) and when I inquired about it....I was given a discount but the other fees were given to the employee for placing the bond. I was not made aware that for $50 cheaper I could have taken the bond myself, as she explained to me that in order for me to get the discount she would have to take the bond herself because she did not have to stand in line and the process would be a lot faster. I think it took longer because she waited hours before she went to take it! I was assured all would work out for the best after I was given her cell number but to my surprise when I was calling to inquire about my bond, she would not pick up. Why give a client her number if she is never going to answer? My advice is don't mistake her kindness because it will be at your exprense. I am counting down the days until my case is finished with and I won't make the same mistake again as she has only put a strain on my wallet. I have dealt with hiring Kubosh to represent me in traffic matters and this has never been an issue.

August 26, 2009