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Review from Citysearch

Doesn't Recommend

Best Buy Store #196: A Long History of Complaints. One can see easily that these so called "positive reviews" are written by store employees. A simple Google seach under the " of Best Buy Stores" will be all the eye opening you will need to avoid doing business with this company. That was my experience in bringing my own complaint on an extended warranty sold to my wife on a high dollar 65' screen TV from Best Buy of McKinney which was misrepresented. Don't waste your time talking to one of several funkies at this store with the title of CSM. They will lead you to believe they are the store manager.....they are not. In fact, call the store, and attempt to get the actual name of the store manager. You will be told that information cannot be given out. A loser company for sure, that does not back their products, much less the extended warranties, they sell.

October 21, 2011