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Midway Hollow Pet Clinic

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Worst Customer Service for Veterinarian clinic EVER!. A friend who is also a customer of MHPC recommended them for my new Shih Tzu puppy. Took him to be neutered, along w/all the required documents, including my original breeder's copies regarding vaccines, etc. Thought it was sort of crazy that they brought him to me in arms before I had even paid. Had to struggle w/handling him & paying out, but willing to dismiss as the young girl's mistake who I assume was an assistant to the staff. Due to this crazy situation I of dealing w/my puppy and trying to get paid out, I left without thinking about my original copies. I went back the next day and asked for my copies. The girl at the front desk seemed extremely unconcerned, but said she would have "the" girl call me back upon her return from lunch. Two weeks went by and I never received that call. I went back in yesterday and these same two girls were sitting at the front desk. They didn't seem the least bit concerned about my documents. I asked why I hadn't reeived the promised phone call. One suggested to me that I just needed to call my breeder and try to get more documents(!) There was NO apology, no remorse, NOTHING but bad attitude! I told the girl that if they had at least offered an apology or offered to try and get copies for me I would have been somewhat satisfied. She said "I'm sorry" with the emotion of a rat. There are way too many good vets in Dallas to deal with this level of customer service, not to mention, trust in how your possessions are treated in their care. 100% COMPLETELY DISSATISFIED...I will NEVER use this vet clinic again!!

March 14, 2012