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This place left me so emotionally drained and restless. First of all, I took my kitty in Thursday evening (8/25/16) because she wasn't acting herself. She was drooling, having difficulty breathing, vomiting with a faint meow. I was so scared seeing her this way so I immediately called Hillside since they are open 24/7. Normally I like to research new places before I make a decision to visit. But, I felt like every second counted at the time and I just rushed to the facility so Roxy can get treated asap (I called prior to arrival). Once my husband and I walked inside, the front desk representative asked for a $300 deposit so I gave her my credit card. Then they gave me paperwork to fill out. MY First impressions... This facility doesn't care about the well-being of my kitty (if I put a rush on getting her there to ya'll, you need to rush to get her to the back. I can fill out the paperwork while you start working on her)....Also, everything Dr. Cagle, DVM had to say about Roxy was negative. She gave us no hope, but steadily kept asking about money. She kept asking my husband and I, "how much money are we willing to put into this?" Then she kept saying that there are no guarantees if Roxy will make it, and if we spent the estimated quote of $2,625- $4,605. We told her to proceed with the xrays and blood work. Once the results came back she said its a possibility Roxy could have diabetes, congestive heart failure, cancer, and/or thyroid problems... Here's my question, how can a Doctor throw out all these pre-diagnosis with lab results and xrays??? Based of your knowledge and experience, give me some better feedback! Also, she gave us two options: euthanizing Roxy, or hospitalization. I sat there in that chair, and I cried and cried. There is nothing like trying to have some faith in hoping for a better outcome, while being told All negative feedback..She showed absolutely no remorse! My family don't have $5,000 just sitting around. Dr. Cagle came back into the room pressuring us about the two options she gave. Here mood and gesture gave us the vibe that she was tired of talking to us about it. My husband and I both work, we were willing to setup a Payment Plan (anything for Roxy). She is our family. Also, if this clinic cares so much about animals, they need to find better ways to show it. I understand some clients may have burned their bridge with paying their balance in the past, but you shouldn't treat every client in distrust. I could've went to the new vet clinic with my guards up after the lack of knowledge Dr.Cagle given, but I had to put that negative energy aside and focus on Roxy. Its all about her in the end. It should be against the law to turn pets away in an emergency setting, just like it is in a human emergency setting. I am so glad my husband told me to calm down and grab Roxy so we can go. We are out of $527, restless days and nights, stress, and we haven't been eating. Dr. Cagle stressed me out so bad, I keep running to check on Roxy every time I hear her move or meow. I just want Dr. Cagle to know that Roxy is still alive. In addition, word of mouth is still the best way to advertise, and I will make sure to share this horrific experience with others. I wouldn't want anyone to feel the way I felt.. HELPLESS!

August 29, 2016
Doesn't Recommend

Unbelievably Callous!!!!!. My kitty was hit by a car this morning. I heard the screeching of car tires, saw my kitty airborne, then hit the pavement twisting and writhing..... He ran off to the neighbor's yard, but was obviously limping and in shock. I was in my robe, no shoes, nothing.... I ran to him, got in the car, and drove straight to Hillside. The first lady who saw me immediately took my kitty to the examining room. The female at the front desk immediately started going over estimated COST and when I explained that I did not have my purse (money) with me, she said "Just go home and get your money". GO HOME AND GET YOUR MONEY. THIS is the first thing said to me as I stand in the lobby at 9:00 am in a robe with blood and dirt on it, my kitty having just been hit by a car. I don't know. YOU DECIDE IF THIS IS CALLOUS. (And yes, I HAVE the money and I paid the vet bill) I would say that SENSITIVITY TRAINING should be the FIRST THING that is administered to the female at the front desk. And I am NOT some person who walked in off the street with an injured feral animal. I AM A REGULAR CLIENT OF HILLSIDE. They have been caring for my kitties for OVER A YEAR - and THIS is how I am treated in an EMERGENCY SITUATION? "GO HOME AND GET YOUR MONEY." How absolutely, positively, totally, and completely, UNFORGIVABLY CALLOUS and PATHETIC. While the actual vets that have treated my kitties over the past year have been very kind, this type of behavior by anyone at the front desk is just INEXCUSABLE!!!!!!!

June 24, 2011

i have the luckiest pets ever!. i stumbled across hillside 8 years ago when i first moved to dallas. i was shocked to see that my dogs had fleas and ran to the nearest clinic i could find. the staff assured me that this was a big problem in the summer, and i was not alone. they even taught me about a few options for getting rid of them ASAP and keeping them off. when my pets were due for shots, this was the first place i came to. my first vet was dr. potter. she is amazing. there is not enough room for me to sing her praises. she has even come to my house to give vaccinations to my cat that turns evil the minute we walk in the door. she hugged me and cried with me when i had to put one of my babies to sleep. most recently, she has been helping my oldest baby with an auto-immune disease. her assurance and kindness and knowledge is not only helping my baby, but is keeping me calm and sane, too. and, because she does have to have a day off every now and then, i've come to know this kind of care from all the doctors here. how could i ever go anywhere else? i understand now why they are so busy. but i'd rather wait for the best than settle for anywhere else. thank ou, thank tou, thank you hillside. you truly do an amazing job. thank you for all the care and compassion you show. and thank you for the newest additions to my family- while the kitties can be brats sometimes, they bring so much joy. and guess where they're going for shots? dr. potter, of course!

April 02, 2008
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