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Savvy is THE BEST. I've lived in New York City for years, and when I moved to Austin I couldn't find a hairstylist that I liked. My friend in Dallas, on a whim, went to Avalon in the West Village and had her hair cut after 5 years of cutting it herself (she is very, very picky about her hair). She was so impressed with Savvy Ty (sp?) that she told me I needed to come get my hair cut by him. I booked it, and made the drive. The pressure was on and the expectations were high! I found the salon upscale, neat, clean, and everyone was friendly. Savvy listened to what I wanted, and understood exactly what I was asking for. He expertly cut my hair with confidence. His technique was off the charts. I was blown away. And also, I was shocked when I got up to the desk and they only charged me $42 for the cut! I'd have paid twice that and been happy. When I got home, things only got better. My hair looks full all the time due to the layers Savvy cut (no one has ever mastered layers in my straight hair though they've tried; Savvy truly understands hair and how it behaves). My hair looks healthy, and for the first time in my life I can even let it air-dry and it looks good! I have never written a hair stylist recommendation (and I rarely, if ever, write reviews), but I HAD TO let everyone know that there is definitely a high standard of hair cutting by this stylist and I was more than impressed. I'll happily drive the 3 hours for Savvy every 6 weeks!

August 20, 2009