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Disappointing. I had been to Rose Pistola's a few times in the past & thought that it was very good. Last night I took my fifteen year old son to the restaurant expecting it to be the same as it was in the past. Let me tell you that it was not! 1st, I had a reservation when most people were just walking in and we were seated at one of the worst tables in the house. I am of Italian descent and specifically Ligurian which is the type of food that they profess to serve. I ordered the Farinata for an appetizer which is made from Garbanzo Bean flour. It has a mild and slightly nutty flavor, when done properly. It wasn't, it was burnt to the point of not being able to taste anything but the charcoal. For our entrees, my son ordered the Osso Buco & I ordered the whole grilled sole. Osso Buco is veal shank which comes with a rich, deep sauce. The meat was over done to the point of being stringy and tough. They put Arugula on top which had a vinagrette dressing that was so acid that it actually overpowered the sauce and changed it's character, (it should of been dresed lightly with olive oil). As an aside, this dish traditionally comes with polenta but they took the easy way out and served it with mashed potatoes. The grilled sole was done well but then they laided it in a bed of greens they were covered in a lemony broth that ruined the crispness of the sole, again overpowering the delicate fish. My son had a diet Pepsi with a refill(which they charged for) and I had one glass of wine. The bill was $92 which I expected to pay but charge for one refill of soda? The wait staff are all young and as far as I could see were all girls, which were all standing around the kitchen talking to each other rather than being attentive to the customers. All in all, the whole experience was just horrible and I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. As an aside, this is my first review of a restaurant. I registered onto Citysearch because of how horrible this experience was and just had to vent.

April 13, 2007

WoW!. I am blown away by the negative reviews for the Rose Pistola. I have been dining there since the beginning. The menu changes daily, and the selections are a gastronomical delight. Sure the staff changes almost as much as the menu, but that's the restaurant business. What I have read suggests to me that some of these folks have dined at the Rose Pistola on nights when it's so busy that server really can not afford to stand and chat for five or more minutes. I have witnessed on many occasions , people who think that they are the only ones in a restaurant, and the server is their pesonal servant. Remember folks, you are not the only ones in your server's section, typically there are at least 14 others that need attention too. As far as the wine list goes, there are many selections for under $40, I have wine every time I'm there and that is typically what I spend. I've never had a server push the big sell on me. I usually explain what I like, and the servers usually will offer me selections in at least three different price ranges. If you feel like your service is not up to par, or the "bread boy" tosses bread on your table and mumbles to you, maybe you should ask yourself, is this really what's going on? or, am I impatient? I eat out at least 4 nights a week, and two of those are usually at the Rose Pistola, and I have to say that most of the people I see that have problems are the ones who are inflexible. They want fettuccini alfredo with a chicken breast, and that's all they will have. Well, the Rose Pistola does not work like that. There are 50 other Italian restaurants in North Beach that make all of the typical Italian fare. If you want chicken parm, go to one of those places. If you want something unique and delicious, try the Rose Pistola, try something different for once, you may be pleasantly suprised.

October 30, 2006
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