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Murasaki Sushi Bar

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Fantastic traditional sushi from a small neighborhood restaurant. This restaurant is all about the taste of the food, and it?s excellent. At first glance, Murasaki might look like just another local Clement street restaurant, but it is so much more. The Tokyo-trained chef uses high quality, fresh ingredients, and the dishes are delicious. The focus is on traditional sushi and Japanese cooking. Recommended are the ikura (salmon roe) and the unagi, which is the best anywhere -- warm and moist, with just the right sauce on top. Other favorites include the sashimi platters and the crab salad. Traditional cooked Japanese items are in the menu and posted on a specials board. Try the Yaki Nasu (grilled eggplant) or the grilled squid for an authentic experience. Look for other off-menu items, including drinks. Ask about beers like Asahi Kuronama (a kind of dark ale), and sakes -- our favorite is Kurobin (Black Bottle). We?ve been going to Murasaki for almost ten years, and it keeps getting better. The atmosphere is simple, so if you?re looking for a cool environment or trendy dishes, try elsewhere. But if you want high quality sushi, and appreciate the understated presentation of traditional Japanese cuisine, then this is the place to go. Open everyday, so this restaurant is great on weeknights. Can get busy on weekends, so make a reservation between 7-9pm. Sometimes the service can be a little slow, or the dishes come out at an uneven pace, like sushi before cooked appetizers. The mostly Japanese staff are always kind but can be a little reserved, so be sure to ask if you have questions or need attention. Let them know that you're enjoying the food, and they will reciprocate with extra warmth. Just down the street from Inner Richmond faves Q, Burma Super Star and Genki Mart (dessert crepes).

January 31, 2007

BEST of the best sushi. Spent over 2 years finding good sushi restaurants in Bay Area - this is "IT". All my friends (and my 3 year old) love the food here! Mr. Sasaki manages the whole "sushi process", from picking the fresh fish at the market to slicing them into delicious sushi! He is a very friendly and funny man. Mr. Sasaki will also recommend the freshest fish to you . Recommended sushi and cooked food: Yellow Tail, Uni, Giant Clam, Toro, Fresh Salmon, Katsuo, Unagi, Salmon Skin handroll (request extra crispy)! Unagi Donburi, he serves it with some really great sauce. Try some of his traditional japanese seafood soup (serves in a teapot), very nice during those cold foggy night! For California Roll, he uses REAL crab meat - not fake crab meat which ruins the taste and texture of the roll! Moreover, this place opens till MIDNIGHT! =============================== It was 3 years ago I wrote the above comments and this is an update base on my almost bi-weekly visit to Murasaki over this past 3 years with my now 7 years old and 4 years old. My little ones would not eat sushi any where else except Murasaki. Yes, I am a loyal customer and you can say I am bias - all because it is the best sushi in town. Most recently, I had special ordered lobster sashimi (just call a few days ahead of time and the fresh live lobsters will be ordered for you), he would cut up the live lobster right in front of you and as for the taste - well, try for yourself... The second time I ordered the lobster sashimi, I ordered 2 lobsters! It's amazing that the high standard quality of all the food remains consistent over the years. And as far as I can tell, most of the customers are locals in the area and a number of them are Japanese. To my knowledge, some of the customers include employees and crews of JAL and ANA airlines, enough said.

February 01, 2005
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