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Doesn't Recommend

Extremely Rude Do Not Visit. I joined citysearch solely to post this review. I sell medical supplies, and on a daily basis I would purchase cookies from the deli (not the bakery next door, but the deli). My order would vary between one dozen to three dozen cookies depending on where I was traveling, but always chocolate chip. One day I ordered two dozen chocolate chip cookies (over the phone) and when I arrived they had prepared two dozen oatmeal raisin cookies. Apparently, they had no chocolate chip cookies (which they did not tell me over the phone) and decided to substitute my chocolate chip order for oatmeal raisin. I told the person who took my order that I did not order oatmeal raisin, did not want oatmeal raisin, and I would not pay for oatmeal raisin cookies. On aside, I took a look at my credit card statements over the past three years, and I had spent over $3,000 in cookies! They would not budge on their mistake so I begrudgingly paid for the cookies, left, and told the waitress to have her manager give me a call. Two days go by, and the manager never calls. I call the deli and get the manager on the phone, and get nowhere with my situation. I told him, I wanted two dozen chocolate chip cookies for free (to compensate for the two dozen cookies I paid for that I did not order or want). I reminded him of my business to the store, and he said they have a store policy that nothing is to be given for free. I said if you do not give me the two dozen cookies for free then I will never purchase cookies from the deli again. He refused, so I am never going back. I am not the biggest customer to frequent the deli, but they are losing 1K a year. They are rude, unaccomadating, and a horrible business. DO NOT VISIT.

August 29, 2010