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Review from Citysearch

Doesn't Recommend

Huge portions of disgusting food!. I have never heard anything good about this place with the old or new owners, but a friend wanted to try it, so I thought I should be open-minded. The food at this place is disgusting. I had a ham & cheese scramble for breakfast with a side of bacon. The ham & cheese were cold-cuts(!?!), and the eggs were oily. I could only eat a third before I started feeling sick. The bacon should have been advertised as a thick smoked leather belt cut into 5 inch strips. Only ate 1/2 of a strip and I've been tasting it all day. They eggs came with fries and I didn't even taste them because the were burnt and totally saturated with oil. My friend wanted a grilled cheese and we couldn't figure out how anyone could screw that up, but they managed it. Any diner in Philly makes a better one. This place is the typical NYC tourist trap deli. A normal deli makes a sandwich that costs them no more than $2 and sells it for $5. They figured out that if they add another dollar or two worth of cold cuts they can charge you $12-$15. So people come to Philly on buses and order these monstrosities that are bigger than their heads. Go to a normal deli and order two sandwiches for $10 if your that hungry, and maybe you'll see sense before you start the second one. This place is gross, gross, gross. Only go there if you want to feel like you drank a 12oz can of used fryer grease for the rest of the day. AVOID!

June 22, 2008