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FAMOUS FOR RUDENESS. My wife and I had occasion to visit Famous today 6/14/07 to get something to take home. We had been customers for many years, but no longer. The deli clerk who later identified himself as one of the owners waited on us. My wife asked for a 'heavy half pound' of corned beef. The clerk apparently did not understand her and she repeated the order. She then explained that she wanted about .60 of a pound and that she knew that .50 was a half pound on the scale. At that point he stated 'I don't feel like waiting on you, good bye.' My wife said nothing that a deliman would normally hear in the course of a day, he was apparently hard of hearing. I know that the amount of money that he lost won't hurt him, but, I hope this blurb takes away some of his bluster. The food WAS usually good, but there are MANY more places to get a corned beef sandwich without the rude owners. The previous paragraph was, in retrospect, much too kind. I have found out that the owners name is Russ Cowan...the rest of the staff of the deli were, in the past, entertaining and interesting. The food, while much too much (amount & price) was usually tasty. But, no customer should be 'dismissed' with an 'I don't want to serve you", ever. What happened to the adage, the customer is always right? Mr. Cowan, take your obnoxious attitude back to New York, if I want obnoxious I can go to Hymies. If I want quality food and treatment I will go to Murray(s) or Pumpernicks. I am still being kind, if I was able to do so in this forum, this and the previous review would be liberally peppered with words beginning with F and S...funny...F-amou-S...begins and ends with those letters...prophetic. STAY AWAY FROM FAMOUS PS: The clerk who claimed to be the owner, was not...I later found a picture of him and they weren't the same...possibly a son, manager, or whatever? No matter...Don't go.

June 14, 2007