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Review from Citysearch


The Best Music Store...Located In the Worst Street In Center City. This Store is located on 11th Street, between Market and Chestnut, on the corner of 11th & Ludlow. Pass by all the gaudy and tacky Israeli jewelry stores and ghettofab ragshops and look for a gray, rundown store with DJ equipment and cell phones in its dirty display windows. Enter this building, ignore the sleazy first floor stereo salesmen (fortunately not affiliated with Sound of Market) and quickly walk up to the second and third floors for one of the biggest and most comprehensive inventory of R&B, Jazz, and Gospel music CDs anywhere on the East Coast! If you want some obscure Northern Soul or Old School Rap comp this place has got it. If you want Sun Ra, Cecil Taylor or more John Coltrane titles than you've ever known to have existed, then please take a look at their expansive Jazz and Rock section on the third floor. Unfortunately, the store is damp, dirty, smelly and windowless; often sweltering in the spring-and-summertime and freezing by winter. The saleshelp is knowledgable but old and a little weird - even for record store types.

January 05, 2007