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Thank you!!!. I went to Unclaimed Diamonds yesterday with my fiance, and believe me, I almost threw up I was SO nervous. I was terrified I'd find nothing and leave empty handed, and believe me I almost did. We worked with the owner of the store, very nice and VERY patient with indecisive me! FYI lay aways are made on Saturdays, not Tuesdays, but he pretty much said "What the hell, why not!" and helped us personally rather than shuffling us to someone else. We saw A LOT of rings, he helped stick to our budget, and they were beautiful but 1 ring really caught my eye online and as soon as we walked in the door. I just kept comparing everything to that, and as we were about to leave, being sure that THE ring was way to too expensive, I finally said, "If I don't atleast see that ring, I'll be surely disappointed!" So he pulls it out and we discover it's only $400 over budget, and when I say love at first site, I mean it! I was hooked. Our budget was supposed to include a wedding band with the engagement ring, but now that my heart said "To hell with the damn budget I love this one!" the owner included a wedding band as well as my fiance's wedding band for an incredible price when you consider the value. We got a brilliant cut 14k white gold engagement ring with a .80 center eye clean stone and .15tcw in the band with a 14k white gold .18tcw wedding band that matches perfectly! My fiance has a beautiful satin finish wedding band with shiny white gold edges. My ring alone is worth more than what we paid! Thank you so much Unclaimed Diamonds, had I gone regular retail we wouldn't have afforded such a beautiful and impressive engagement ring, let alone all three rings!

August 03, 2011

GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!. To whom this may concern, Besides the commercial being yelled in my head all day, "UNCLAIMED DIAMONDS" my sister also recommended me to go to this store for an engagement ring. I went in yesterday already having a ring on hold in jersey for me. What i thought was already perfect in my hometown was over shadowed by your selection, but most of all by your staff. My girlfriend can be quite picky, but that was not an issue for Linda who was very patient with us and went through almost every ring in stock to accomodate my sweethearts needs. We found the perfect ring for the perfect price within our budget. Sue was wonderful in working with us to meet our budget and I could not be more grateful. This symbol of our love will last forever and so will the memory of picking it out thanks to everyone there. They offered us water and coffee, we had a lot of laughes, we even danced! Yes, I am now working on my salsa and doing the hustle so I can show my philly girls a farm boy can move his hips and "DO THE HUSTLE..DOO DOO DOO D-DOO DOO DOO DOOOOOO DOO DOO, DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO D-DOO DOO DOO." I am not usually this quirky but I am the happiest man in the world right now. Finding the perfect ring is hard enough, but finding good customer service and people who genuinely want this special moment to be that much more special is a blessing. After showing my sister she pointed out a scratch in our diamond. I called today and they were not upset at a minor complaint, they didn't hesitate to tell me to come in as soon as possible to resolve the issue. They even remembered our names and were very pleasant in telling us to come in at our convenience. I could go on forever with how pleased I am with my decision to come to your store but its 9:20 pm and I have to be up at 3:00 am otherwise i would. Whether this letter goes up the chain to the highest person at your company or if it dies when i press send, the memory of my experience there will be with me forever and I will be certain to tell everyone I know who is thinking to solidify their life with someone to come to your store! Thank you for choosing such good people to run your store, every single one of them but especially Linda and Sue made me feel like a part of the family. I couldn't be happier and whether it is my wedding band, earrings, watches, or other friends taking the plunge, I can assure you it will all be done through your store. Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder, it's also through the presentation of genuine people. Until next time, thank you "UNNNNCLAAAIMED DIAMONDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" With Sincerest Gratitude, Jason A.K.A. "The Salsa Hustler."

July 04, 2011
Doesn't Recommend

Rip Offffff. Years ago, I dealt with a real slimy dealer there named Elliot. I saw a 1 Carat "D cut" (or so I was told) diamond ring I was looking at had an original price tag of $35k!!! Yea Right!!! But it was marked down "unclaimed" to $15k. Before I walked out they said they would sell it to me for $10k. We finally settled on $7k cash. Elliot was so excited I thought he was going to pee his pants and I should have known I was being taken right then and there. Unfortunately, things with the engagement didn't go as planned, as sometimes is the case in life. When I went back to try and recoup some of my loss a few months later they wouldn't offer me a penny more than $900. That's right, as soon as it left this so called $35k ring dropped in price to $900!!! Uggghhh, what? Utterly shocked!! I walked down jewelers row and learned the certification they had given me and vouched re the D cut rating "was unreliable." I wanted to smack Elliot's smug face as he smiled when I questioned him out it could go down in price so considerably. I would have been happy with getting half of my money back. There was no way I was giving them the satisfaction of buying it back at that rediculously low price so they could do it all over again to some other inexperienced sucker like me. So I sold it next door for $1,750 to a Russian guy that actually seemed to have some dignity. Whatever you do DON'T BUY AT UNCLAIMED DIAMONDS. They are a HUGE RIP OFF claiming their jewels are way more expensive than they really are. I was young, dumb, in love and got SUCKERED. Don't do the same. STAY AWAY FROM UNCLAIMED DIAMONDS. They are horrible, horrible people.

February 14, 2011