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Review from Citysearch

Doesn't Recommend

I wish they didnt get bands i liked cause I hate this place. The staff is mostly rude fat dudes with bad tatoos, and even worse hygeine. The prices are fair and even cheap for some stuff, I went on a wens day and they had djs upstairs, they played good music, but were terrible at djng, The bar tenders upstairs were nicer then down, and the crowd is hipster to the extreme, but not the hipsters that look good, the hipsters that are too cool to realize that if your a fat girl ironic retro 80's tight clothes isnt the bnest way to go. And the dudes weere mostly corny art school dropouts. I also went on a sunday for the open bar, 10 buck gets you serverd all night. The dj on sundays seemed like he had no idea what he was doing, and no idea that the kids there had better taste in music then Nelly, seriously Nelly? There was several times during his set that the music stopped for like 10 seconds, and he played some of the most generic boring hip hop and rock ever. But this place gets great bands all the time I saw the nine black alps at their first show in the US, which was awesome and sad at the same time, they rocked b ut hardly anyone was there to see them and when they got on hardly anyone got off thiert stools and venture into the other room to watch a great band rock out, they were too cool to realize that this band is gonna be big if people pay attention. I went to see a couple bigger band and the shows were terribly over sold which made it so over crowded that it seemed dangerous to be in the place, I saw sebadoh which is one of my favorite bands from my teenage years, but had to leave cause it was ridiculously over-packed (shame on your promoters) I will go back if their is a band that I want to see as long as its not someone that I know it will be packed for, because they will overpack the place. And the staff there is very rude, and deserves to be smaked around a little.

December 05, 2006