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Doesn't Recommend

STAY AWAY!! PAY ATTENTION TO ALL THE BAD REVIEWS HERE!. I wish I had read the bad reviews here before setting foot in this place (which I will never do again, nor will the people I went with). What is wrong with this place? First, they act as if they are doing you a favor by letting you sit down. Here's a rundown at this place that pretends to be oh so politically correct and into supporting all the right causes (by the way, remember when they squashed the workers request to unionize? and their 'grass-fed cow' burgers is a claim that is apparently bogus): Snotty waitress sits us next to door on a day when temperature is 20 degress. We ask to move. She says "your new table is being cleaned. It will be another five minutes." This five minutes went on for one hour. We also wait 45 minutes for food to arrives Then she gets the order wrong. She delivers a raw hamburger and two other wrong orders. She rolls eyes when asked for correct order. By the time it arrives, another 20 minutes later (yes, this is over an hour wait), she has gotten order wrong AGAIN and is annoyed that WE are not happy with this. "Want me to get the manager?" she sniffs, and some little wimpy guy with a bald head and big glasses comes over holding the hamburger. This is how the "manager" handles the problem: "Do you want the hamburger or not." When we said we couldn't stay longer , he responds with brilliant managerial skills: "Thanks for answering my question," and walks away,with the hamburger, then charges us for it! The other reviews attest to this ongoing problem-- and you'd think they would at least have someone smart enough managing the place to smooth over a problem, instead of rubbing salt into it. I was disgusted by this place and especially the idiocy of the management and staff. STAY AWAY.

January 13, 2009