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Doesn't Recommend

Neglected all night, served cold, mediocre, but expensive food. On our quest of mapping Philadelphia's restaurant scene, the well known White Dog was the next item on our list. I looked forward to the evening, having heard many good things about the place - it seems, they were pretty much all without foundation. I am a proponent of locally produced "slow food", but the meaning of slow reached new levels last evening. It was a bit difficult to catch anyone's attention already in the beginning, in order to get a table, but on a Friday evening, that happens in the best of places. After being seated, it took a good 20 minutes for anyone to show up to take our orders. With our wine, we got a basket of tasty bread that we devoured all in the next 25 minutes, while our starters arrived. The craw fish and crab cake was nice, no complaint there, however, the ruins stayed with us for another 20 minutes, until someone realized that it might be time to clear our table for the main course. Which arrived after a long wait again - cold. The waitress apologized, and poured a good amount of sauce on the tablecloth from my plate without noticing it. After yet again another long wait, we got the same, reheated food , which was considerably drier than the original. The lamb was uninteresting and over-roasted, the duck was dry and flavorless. We were not inclined to try dessert or coffee after this experience... Considering the price range of the restaurant, we expected a much higher quality of service and food. The waitress kindly removed the price of our wine from the bill as an apology, but unfortunately, this was not enough to save the evening. Let alone the nausea and stomach problems that attacked us both later that night. We are definitely never setting foot in the White Dog again, and I definitely cannot recommend it to anyone. If you are looking for locally and sustainably produced food in a cozy restaurant, go to the Cresheim Cottage instead, where the level of service and food is much more superior.

September 20, 2008