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Review from Citysearch

Doesn't Recommend

Overrated and overstated. It's hip to like this place. But the bottom line is that the food isn't all that impressive (I get a stomach ache every time I eat there), the tables are tiny and uncomfortable, and the general manager is downright unpleasant to talk to. Oh, and he proudly told me that he has enjoyed dog meat and horse meat! I complained that rabbit (a pet dear to my heart) was being offered on the menu. The response I got was condescending and rude, and the general manager insisted that I was overlooking all of the good that the restaurant does. And yes, as I said above, he informed me that he has eaten dog meat and horse meat. At the end of the day, it appears that the White Dog is happy to serve flesh of animals of all types (apparently if it were legal in the U.S., dogs and horses would be candidates for the menu too). They seem to think that serving "free range" animals makes up for it. Do a little research and you'll learn that free range is not a meaningful standard, and so this insistence that the White Dog is a socially responsible restaurant is why I think that the White Dog is "overstated" in its contributions to the community. If you want to dine at a restaurant with true ethical standards, please patronize one of the vegetarian restaurants our lovely city has to offer (Horizons, Govindas, Singapore, etc.). You will get better food, better customer service, and a truly socially responsible menu.

May 21, 2008