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NACHOS GRANDE!. AWSOME! Being on a student budget, I appreciate that the Dog even has a bar menu. I have read the reviews on this site for this place and find alot of them to be unfair. There are alot of spoiled, pretentious students that want to be treated like they are at the 4 Seasons but want to pay $10 bucks for food. They are being served by students sometimes as well. Cut this place a break. They do alot for the community too. This is a really nice place that just gets incredibly busy. I can take my parents here when they are in town for a nice dinner or I can split the nachos with my roomate at the bar. Brunch is a crazy scene- but they get it done. If you can't afford the brunch here go to Mickey D's or come back when you have a degree.

May 21, 2007