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A Top Tier Pizza Joint. This was truly a sensational experience on a fine Saturday afternoon. Reading past reviews on this pizza shop, I took the advice of not going there during the dinner rush. Its my understanding that this place becomes packed with patrons during the evening. After my pizza experience there, I can understand why. This pizza truly deserves to be in the top tier of pizza shops in the bay area. They can definitely hang with the big boys. I had a few bites of my girlfriends salad and I thought it was pretty decent as well. However, if you go there and dont get at least one slice of pizza, you are missing out. Stopping in for lunch was a godsend. As a recent transplant from LA, I am on a never ending mission to seek out the best pizza places/slice shops in the area. This one is a gem. No, wait, it is a diamond mine! In my opinion, Za Pizza rivals Abbots Pizza in Venice, CA and Lamonicas near UCLA. Also, lets not forget the SERVICE there. Fan-freakin tastic! Im not even being the slightest bit sarcastic either. The guy with glasses (I think he is the owner) is a friendly guy who knows how to treat the customer. He'll make you feel welcome. As a matter of fact, all the employees who were there were nice and very attentive to us, as well as the other customers. I gotta say thanks to Za Boys. I can honestly say that having lunch there brightened my whole day. I almost had to shed a tear. Too bad I don't live closer to Russian Hill, but then again I would only get a bigger pizza gut

August 22, 2006
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