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Wok Shop Cafe

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Incredible Chinese Food with Fast, Friendly Service. When I moved back to San Francisco, this place soon became my favorite place for soul-satisfying food. I moved into lower Pacific Heights and the first thing I saw on the security gate was a pink menu flyer for Wok Shop. Starving and exhausted, we didn't have the energy to even walk to the corner for deli sandwiches. So we took a chance and ordered in. Within minutes, we were devouring a feast. The prices were great, no MSG, and the woman who took our order helped us with suggestions. (Later found out she's the owner and her name is Nancy.) Cut to nine months later. And at least bi-weekly visits from Peter, who delivers for Wok Shop. We try something new occasionally, but have a few basics that are too good to ignore, including the mango chicken, orange beef, sesame chicken, and potstickers. The hot and sour soup has real healing properties. I also love the sesame beef, the kung pao shrimps, and the crab rangoon. The quality is fresh and the meats are carefully cut so they are always tender and succulent. Service is always so prompt and we love chatting with Nancy, who couldn't be nicer. When we have friends in and want to go out, we eat at the restaurant. It is big, and the tables aren't right on top of each other, as they are at other places. There's never a wait for a table, even with a big group. The prices are easy on the wallet. I couldn't be happier, or more pleased to award five stars to such a deserving restaurant. I know what I'm talking about. Prior to moving back to SF I lived in the Chinatown section of Boston, where I tried virtually ever type of Chinese food imaginable. None of them can compare with Wok Shop for flavor, freshness, variety, or quality. I would have died if I'd had a Wok Shop when I was there.

October 01, 2007