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House of Sushi

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Admitted to me they use frozen fish and overcharged me for FRESH fish!. I was conflicted about posting this info because I don't want to hurt a small business, but people shouldn't be hoodwinked! I have absolutely NO idea what the other reviewers are talking about when they say the fish is fresh and it's the best in the city. This is obvioulsy the only place they have ever eaten sushi. This place is tiny and family run, which many times, can be great, but here it is not. The rolls are small and subpar , but as the only sushi place on the north end of polk street, beggars can't be choosers. I have never complained about the crappy service or lame decor, but last night took the cake. I ordered the hamachi sashimi and the waiter made it a point to tell us it was really great and fresh and had just arrived today. I was excited. And it was good and fresh. BUT when the bill came they charged TWICE what the menu indicates. I asked him why the double charge and he told me that it was more expensive because it was fresh. I asked him what the other, everyday regular sashimi was and he said, "oh, that's frozen usually". So, not only did they not warn us that we would be charged more because it had just arrived, but didn't give us the option and then admitted that the menu stating that the sashi was "fresh raw fish" was basically a lie. Ridiculous. It might be hard to sell all their fish, but it's unaccpetable to advertise fresh fish at a certain price and then double charge customers by admitting that the fish is usually frozen. Don't overcharge your customers because they happen to be lucky enough to come on the day you get the fish delivered and then refuse to discount the price because you lie on your menu. I'll never go here again - will do the hike down polk to sushi rock or over to skipjack on union if i have a real craving. Boo on this place!

May 18, 2007