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What has happened?. Let me start by saying that I love Sushi Groove and have been going to the one on Hyde for years. The place has a fun, lively (albeit loud) atmosphere and the food has always been great, but I recently went there for a celebratory dinner for my girlfriend's promotion and the service was beyond terrible. I was really embarrassed. I asked to be seated at a more intimate, quiet table, which ended up being by the stairwell that leads to the bathroom. There was very limited lighting there which is a little weird for when you're eating raw fish, but it was quieter, so we went with it. Not seated more than a couple minutes and a nasty, sewer smell started wafting up from downstairs. This went on every couple minutes for the first half hour we were there and we tried to make due but finally had to move to another table. Beyond the smell, I had asked that a bottle of wine be ready on my table for when my girlfriend arrived. When she finally got there, it still wasn't on the table. And then the waitress finally brought it out, she simply put it on our table and left it there. Didn't open it. No glasses. Nothing. Once I finally got her to open it for us, she didn't come back to take our order for over 20 minutes. And once we moved to our new table, we never saw her again until we finally went up to her and asked her for our bill. The food was great as usual, except that we had explicitly asked for no roe. The first round of sushi came out ok, but our next round was covered in it. This was my first really bad experience and I hate to write a negative review, but it really was a horrible experience and I'm really disappointed.

July 30, 2007