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Doesn't Recommend

VERY SHADY! WHAT THE HELL IS GOIN ON HERE?. I ordered 30$ worth of food for delivery - I open it up after waiting (not too long) 35 min. for delivery. The food was not crisp or fresh but soggy like "dog-food". This was at 4 pm!! (not when they are all-to busy) It was not fresh but what they pulled out from their LUNCH PANS! I called "HENRY" to complain and told him my problem. HENRY THEN SAID IT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PUT SAUCE IN WITH FOOD. No WAY! not after 35 min! It takes at least 10 minutes to cook to begin with! The sesame chicken had the flour all doughy and falling off - so did the sweet&sour shrimp. HENRY ASKED ME WHAT I WANTED - I SAID I WANTED FRESH FOOD SENT TO ME - NOT LUNCH LEFTOVERS - HE HUNG UP. I called back and asked his name - he said Henry - I asked for owner's name - and he dodged my questions repeatedly. He repeatedly asked me what I want and I said owner's name and new food. "Oh! - you kidding me!" he replied. Over and over I went through this with HENRY. HENRY WAS NOT ONLY UNWILLING TO MEET MY NEEDS BUT ALSO TO PROVIDE HIS BOSS'S NAME. I had just undergone back procedures the day before and was immobile - HENRY'S retort was just come by and we'll make it fresh for you. I called back 30 min. latter to ask for HENRY only to be told there was no one there by that name! I had to call my CC to not honor the charge! I don't know what kind of racket these guys are running but there seems to be a HUGE LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY AND HONESTY WITHIN THEIR BUSINESS/CLIENT MODEL - DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR CC#! DON'T USE THEM. What kind of place won't tell you who the owner is???!!! VERY SHADY! Unfortunately - I had used them before with no error. I WON'T MAKE THAT MISTAKE AGAIN - DON'T YOU EITHER!

October 15, 2008