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Dining at Nordstrom's during their semi-annual sale; terrible service and cold food!. The reviews sounded great, nice jazz paired with great food in a whimsical atmosphere. I thought what a great place to a good friend for her birthday. WRONG!!! It was like dining at Nordstrom's during their semi-annual sale. Too crowded with too many tables crammed together for comfortable dining and LOUD. I remember distinctly hearing a lot of thumping feet, with a din of piano music in the background. The jazz? The "jazz" was more elevator muzak. Too bad since the pianist was actually good. I lost count how many times our table was bumped by both diners and way too many staff members, considering it was hard to remember who our server was. Maybe, the wait staff should spend less time complaining about management issues instead of looking angry and busy. Yes, nothing worse than service by a bitchy, loud wait staff. Our busboy was GREAT though, and more attentive than everyone combined (we tipped him privately as he deserved it). Food wise, we ordered the six course tasting menu with the wine pairing. The food arrived lukewarm to cold, therefore, nothing was memorable. The foie gras was good. The fish was fishy and the meat course - definitely cold and congealed. What was memorable was the portion sizes; they were tiny!! This is a example of presentation taking precedence over the actual food. Needless to say, we actually ate several dinner rolls as we were hungry. The price of this culinary fiasco, well over $300; the time wasted - close to three hours. Would I recommend this place?? HELL no! For this kind of experience, take a tuna sandwich to Nordstrom's, eat it next to the piano player, and give the rest of your money to the homeless people at the Powell St. turnaround. Now that would be more satisfying!

July 26, 2007

Great Service, but for the $$, go up the street to Absinthe. We looked for a VERY nice restaurant to take my (once upon a time a chef) Mother out to dinner. She can be a little particualr when it comes to food, let's just leave it at that. I have a pretty solid restaurant background myself, so together, we can be a little critical. We had some oysters, they were wonderful, the service was pretty on---the kitchen, however, needs some help. I was bored by the salads, we had the warm bread salad (nothing on it was warm, the bread was not warm and ithe bread was soggy wtih olive oil)-not a winner, the "poached pear salad" did not have a poached pear anywhere in sight, it was like someone changed the salad but failed to change it on the menu for that night. It had very little to offer in terms of flavor, which was what I found to be the case throughout the entire evening. I had the seabass for dinner, one of my companions had the risotto. The risotto was the only thing that had any interesting flavor profiles AT ALL. At that, it was very one-sided and overkill on cheese, that was all you could taste was the cheese. We had eaten at Absinthe 3 days before and it BLEW THE DOORS off everything we had here, and it was about $30 less per person! We spent about $300 on dinner for 3 people. We had fun, because we always do, but our night out was supposed to be about the food. We decided to continue on and have dessert, we ordered the cookie plate, ti was nice, but kind of boring too, the best thing on it was a dark chocolate caramel filled truffle--that was the best thing about our entire dinner! The Chef needs to use a little more reckless abandon, stop showing so much restraint when it comes to flavor profiles and make sure that the menu reflects what is being served in the dining room. Oh, and make sure when something is served warm, that the timing is right so the item arrives warm at the table.

December 24, 2006
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