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Horrible service. They don't care about the customer at all.. I could not believe how little they cared about us. The manager, host, and waiter spent the whole night text-messaging, talking on their phones, smoking, and hanging out with friends - all while our needs went completely ignored. While the waiter was explaining the menu to us, his phone rang 4 times... that was just the start of the unprofessional service. We ordered drinks and they came 45 minutes later after we reminded the server 3 times. He seemed more interested in talking with his friends. Our 2nd drink order took over 1 hour to be served to us - not because the restaurant was full, but because the server simply didn't care. When we arrived, we were promised that a belly dancer performs all night, every night, and that she would be on within 10 minutes of our arrival. We were there for 3 hours and there was no dancer. We spoke with a local dancer in San Francisco and she said that the Marrakech routinely cancels their dancers if the restaurant isn't full. We asked the host no less than 10 times when the dancer would start, and each time he lied to us and told us that she would be on in "about 10 minutes". We arrived at 7:00pm and we did not leave until 10:00pm, and that was only because we insisted that when the 'server' brings the main course that he also brought the bill. We could not wait any more. We were sure that if we waited for them to bring us the dessert and tea that our $35.00 was entitled to, we would have been there well past midnight. I hated every minute I was there because I knew that they didn't care at all about our needs, and I knew they were lying to us all the time about the dancer. To the credit of their chefs: the food was excellent. But I assure you, it is not so excellent that you suffer their miserable service for the 3-5 hours it takes them to serve you. I give them a F+. The only reason I don't give an F- is because the food was quite delicious. Bottom line: Horrible, horrible service with good food.

September 06, 2008
Doesn't Recommend

Great food, horrific service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. We paid over $400 for my mother's birthday dinner at Marrakech and the service was horrible. There were a total of 12 guests and we were seated in 2 different sections of the restaurant. Then, they only brought drinks for the table my mother was sitting at. When, I asked the waiter for our drinks he got upset and began yelling as to why we didn't all place our orders at the same time. I tried but it is hard to tell a waiter what you want in 1 second before they run off. This is not the first time this has happened here. This is our second time here and I noticed on other reviews, it took them a loooooong time to bring drinks to the table. The servers are rude and the restaurant is understaffed. Then, when we went to pay for our dinner they overcharged me $20 on my credit card. When I looked at the receipt, there was no dollar amount indicated and I did not notice until I checked my bank account at home. Make sure they give you a printed receipt with the dollar amount! They are a bunch of swindlers! When I complained to the owner, he told me he would send a new waiter, but it must have been our waiter's TWIN freakin' brother, because it looked like the same waiter (which it was) but this one actually had a fake smile this time! I loved the food and the decor, and the belly dancer, but I will NEVER return here again. They're not the only Morrocan restaurant in town. Next time, I think I will try PASHA restaurant. Good eating!

December 03, 2007
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