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suppenkuche great place to party!. just came back from a birthday party of 9.. and was surprised to see the entry saying "not a place to party" the leader of our pack went to the restaurant the week before to check it out. she was seated in the back by herself, and was told that if you don't make a reservation at least a few weeks in advance all you can do is wait in line. She was told if we were there before they opened we could get a couple of tables pushed together.. we were there at 4:15 and did in fact get two tables by the front windows,,, the service was a little slow at first, as I think they were trying to get the smaller tables orders in before ours . the front room was full as soon as it opened at 5:00 (this was a Sunday evening) We had a wonderful birthday party, the service was great and the food was too much! I was not all that interested in going out for German food as the only place I had ever had it was at the German Cook when they were going out of business and and Schroeders Cafe .. was not all that excited about this birthday dinner... but, it was (after all) not my birthday dinner, so that was a reason for celebration...(lol) I loved the spaetzel (sp) we all loved it, we had 3 dishes of it,! the potato pancakes were crispy! weiner snietzel (again the spelling) was wonderful! I can't spell German food, I never likes German food, but tonight I changed my mind.. service, energy, and food was fantastic! only complaint was there was just tooo much food! we all had doggie bags! so if you have a large party of more than 4 people,, get there at least 30 minutes early as it is first come first serve! I hope the 30 year old gives it another try! I will be going back, and am already giving it a thumbs up to others to try!

November 10, 2008

Suppenküche is the ticket!. My boyfriend & I go to this place quite often. [Delicious Food, Great Beer, & Wonderful Service] Can't say that we've EVER had a bad time here. We mostly go for dinner, but went once for their brunch. Go early to the brunch, it gets very busy, very fast. Woohoo, Mimosas! I had a fantastically Cheesy, Vegetarian Omelet & my boyfriend got the Potato Pancakes. Wonderful! When we go for dinner we usually get the same thing each time, because we're Vegetarians, but it never gets old! There is a huge beer menu & if you get confused, the servers aren't shy about giving a recommendation about, or a quick sample of the drink in question. We've actually never asked for a sample, but we've gotten a few here-and-there, if we ask about something we've never tried. [a great help for picking out your next beer, if you're worried about commiting to 0.5L of something new] When it comes to the food menu, The Cheese Spätzle is to die for! & with a Side Salad, it just can't be beat! I also recommend the other Vegetarian dish, the Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms, with Spinach, Feta & Pepper Sauce. If you're like me, and you want to eat light sometimes, they cater to your needs as well! [Unlike my boyfriend, I still eat fish... so...] I'll order their fantastic Salad, with Beets, Carrots, Cabbage, etc. & have them add Prawns to it. [most of the time it's not a problem, unless it's pretty busy, but it always gets done right] If there's a wait, chill at the bar until you get a table. 20 minutes goes by fast, on the busy nights, when you're kicking back a nice cold beer after a hard day of work. Prost! Sharing the tables when you get one is fun as well, sometimes you talk a bit, sometimes you don't. When the tab comes, we usually get out at about $40-something, [excluding tip] on the two-beer nights, so not that bad, and worth every penny. All-in-all, this place is like a chameleon. Whether you like to eat/drink light or heavy... they can help you out!

July 25, 2006
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