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Cliffs Notes: FSMA is awesome and ideal for kids AND parents- we recommend them to ALL of our friends. Kid loves the instructors and the experience, I love all of that plus the flexibility, the character building, the pricing, and the familial atmosphere. Expanded: My son, almost 7, has been with Final Strike for 7 months and looks forward to every class. He loves them SO MUCH that heâ??s having his birthday party here next month!! He loves the instructors- they are patient, kind, and funny. He loves that his progress is noted and rewarded: There are regular opportunities to do belt testing and advance, there are monthly character building activities for the kids to do at home for which they receive a dog tag, and they get stripes on their belts for working on form and combatives. We tried a different studio for 6 months before finding FSMA and there was no advancement, no way to mark and acknowledge progress, and it contributed to a loss of interest. FSMAâ??s system set the kids up with goals and clear steps to achieve them, keeping them engaged and motivated. As a parent, I love Final Strike Martial Artsâ?? flexibility- we can choose to attend any 2 of the 6 Kub sessions given on 4 different days at 2 different times each week. We donâ??t have to contact the studio to do this and it makes life so much easier! It lets US be flexible with field trips, family visits, sick days, etc without losing momentum of feeling like weâ??d have to miss a special event or skip something paid for. It also helps kid sick kids at home! I love the instructors!! Every single instructor in the Kubsâ?? classes (and there are always at least 3 per class!! Love that ratio!!) is a Kid Person. They have that intangible quality that canâ??t be taught- they speak Kid. The kids, in turn, respect and admire them, instead of being nervous or wild. They manage to teach structure, discipline, and perseverance, while having great senses of humor- expectations are high and stress levels are low. Recipe for kid success! I LOVE the monthly character building projects- theyâ??re simple at the Kubs level, just a worksheet and an opportunity for a great discussion. Set a goal for the month and outline what you will and wonâ??t do to achieve it. Clean your room without being asked. Identify kids showing gratitude and write something you are grateful for. The instructors talk about the life skill of the month during class and tie everything together. The kids get applauded and rewarded for turning in a completed worksheet. FSMA is teaching our kids a wholly realized discipline and integrating it into their daily lives- I fully believe this approach is giving my son a lifelong love for the practice of taekwondo. Pricing is great- said studio we tried before was more expensive and lower return. FSMA is VERY fairly priced and there is amazing return on our investment. Dollar: Instruction ratio is amazing- especially with so many instructors in class. Even on days when the class is on the larger size, every kid gets personal attention and 1:1 instructor time. Itâ??s amazing- they have it all worked out. Because theyâ??ve been doing this a long time! And most importantly to me- they treat everyone like family. They remember names! They do fun stuff like meet up to see the Lego Ninjago premiere! They do Parent Nights Out events! And on a very personal note- they have been sweet and amazing from Day 1 to my older daughter with autism who comes to every single one of Brotherâ??s classes. I judge everyone on how they treat my daughter and the Final Strike family impressed from our first visit. Weâ??re committed to FSMA because it feels like theyâ??re committed to us <3

January 22, 2018
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