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Review from Citysearch

Alex A.

Purchased watch under warranty. Brought in watch for repair. 2 weeks later get a call asking me to prove purchase from Macy's. They say they do not verify, that I have to do the leg work by calling customer service and requesting proof of purchase. THEY CANT CALL THEIR OWN DEPT?? So I make the request. they DO NOT send me the proof. Ive called and left FIVE (5) messages for manager attempting to inquire what to do next, but in the meantime, their watch dept calls me and very rudely reminds me my watch has been there waiting, SIX WEEKS now! I still have not had a returned call, still have not received proof of my purchase and Im out 1 very expensive broken watch. NO MORE MACY'S, I will never buy any thing from you again, I will make sure the people I care about will never return. I am a GM of a health club that has been privately owned for 30 yrs. I LIVE AND DIE BY CUSTOMER SERVICE. Too bad stores like Macy's get away with this. Must be nice...

September 13, 2012