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Review from Citysearch

Andrew M.

Dr Ruof is easily the best dentist I've ever been to.. I am from Australia (where the medical system is far less complicated) and have lived in the US for 4 years. It has taken me so long to finally find a dentist who is capable, honest and accessible. Dr Ruof at Park 56 is easily the best dentist I've ever been to. Prior to my fortunate discovery of Dr Ruof at Park 56, I typically hated the thought of going to the dentist. Matters were only made worse by numerous bad experiences at "random" dentists I tried around the city - again it's difficult for foreigners to know where to go. The last place I was at was totally sketchy. My teeth cleaner was wearing sunglasses inside (hiding a black eye or something) and they recommended some treatment plan that was totally geared at maxing out my insurance payments involving some 14 future visits into the future. I had heard the horror stories of doctors here trying to over-treat and over-subscribe to maximize revenue, however now I had experienced it first hand. Of course, I never went back after the first visit and was almost turned off ever going to see a dentist here in the city again. Thankfully, I heard of Dr Ruof through a friend. Burned from my prior experiences and a little apprehensive at first, I was absolutely blown away by the contrast of the experience. The staff at Park 56 are SO nice. I couldn't work it out, were they being this nice just because I was new? No, having been back a number times since, they are genuinely this nice ALL the time. They always call me by my name and are extremely helpful with scheduling appointments, payment, insurance stuff, etc. Then the experience with Dr Ruof is like no other dental experience I've ever had. Totally relaxed, we had music going in the background, TV on if i wanted it. Yet the best thing about Dr Ruof is that she is an excellent teacher. I am one of those people that like to have things explained to me about what is going on and why things are the way they are. She explains exactly what is going on, what the causes are and what the options are to fix them. This is in complete contrast to all other dentists I have seen previously. I totally recommend Dr Ruof and Park 56 to anyone who wants a new dental experience. I can't rate her highly enough!

May 17, 2012