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Review from Citysearch

James S.

Best Dental Experience - Dr. Ruof is great. I have lived in SF, LA and NY and been to dozens of dental offices in my life. I have had small fillings, crowns, veneers, basically the whole nine yards. Like most people, my dental experiences were ones I would rather forget. But not so at Park 56. The Park 56 office is spectacular and the staff are incredibly friendly and accommodating of a busy schedule. I saw Dr. Laura Ruof when I first started going to Park 56 two years ago after an older filling came out. She was the best. She was friendly, she took the time to explain what was happening with my tooth and didn't rush to judgment or drill, she fixed my tooth to perfection and said we will keep an eye out on the rest of my old fillings. Over the next two years I have had to see Dr. Ruof for a number of issues from toothaches to veneers and invisalign consults. I chipped my front tooth on a plastic fork on New Years and Dr. Ruof was able to see me on a holiday to fix my broken front teeth. She did an incredible job and my smile has never been better. I seriously never thought I would say going to the dentist was an enjoyable experience, but Dr. Ruof really changed my perspective, she was so nice and helpful, really eased any anxiety I previously had. James

May 17, 2012