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Review from Citysearch


They can't get any better than at Park 56 Dental. I've had more than 12 years experience at Park 56 Dental, and have only exemplary things to say. Must say that I've been in the chair many, many times and ALWAYS have felt incredible trust in these talented, CARING and extraordinary professionals. From the beginning my teeth and mouth were in disrepair and the Team of doctors at Park 56 have always provided help and service beyond my imagination, and frankly - beyond any expectations or even Hope that I may have had. Dr. Phil Abramsky has been my primary go-to person for my mouth, but on occasion Drs. Rabinowitz, Spielman and Herman have worked on me. Always because what was called for has been their specialty...and I'm SO GRATEFUL to all of them. There is no way that I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. They've helped me through thick and thin; always friendly, courteous and most important, absolutely capable. Countless times too, they could have done minimal work to help me through, but they are thorough and detailed. And they care about ME; not just my teeth. I actually believe that they must be the consummate group in their field. They have to be the envy of any dentist or dental group that would aspire to be the Very Best that one can be. And by the way, my daughter is ALMOST as crazy about Dr. Abramsky as I am...... (he does magic tricks for kids/adults that are phenomenal). Invest your trust in Park 56 and you'll be happy you did.

April 06, 2011