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Doesn't Recommend

So disgusting that I packed up and left.. *Now called Knights Inn* Filthy doesn't come close to describing this place. I was so disgusted that I walked away from 3 nights of pre-paid reservation (no refunds) and decided to drive the 2 hours back and forth for each day of my event. The neglect is evident everywhere. My first hint was when I was unable to open the door with my magnetic key. The management acted annoyed when I asked for their help - she blew repeatedly into the card reader and was finally able to open the door for me. She said there was "too much dust" in the card reader. I should have run away then. I had to ask for a light bulb for the light, toilet paper, and a garbage bag for the garbage can. The refrigerator was greasy, filthy and needed to be defrosted. The bathroom was so tiny that I had to sit on the toilet sideways because there was no leg room. I was provided with one filthy, stained washcloth that looked like it had been used to change the oil in someone's car. When I was making my reservation, I'd specifically asked for a non-smoking room. When I was told there were none available, I politely said I would call other places. The manager suddenly found a room for me... Turns out they put me in a smoking room and bombed the place with air freshener... voila instant headache. I aired out the room for two hours but the room still stank too much to stay in. Every surface of the room was coated in grime and dust. The furniture was old, worn and cracked. After sitting in the room for two hours, I was done. I packed up my things and left. My headache cleared up after about 5 minutes after I'd left.

April 23, 2011