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Hu's Szechwan

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Szechwan Soul Food! Nice Neighborhood. Parking a pain. Car pool and enjoy!. This is NOT an upscale restaurant with a star chef. This is a "joint", the equivalent of soul food joint on the corner in Detroit. Except instead of soulfood and Detroit, substitute Szechwan-style and south-central China. It's heavy, think and so dang good! My favorite is the Orange Peel Chicken and the Szechwan Dumplings. Sometimes the Orange Peel can be too "crispy". Make sure you ask them not to over cook it. The Stir Fried String Beans and Szechwan Shrimp are insane, too! If you want to get down-home, make sure you have some white rice so you can pour some of the dumpling sauce on it. ROCKIN'! You can do this with the Bon Bon Chicken appetizer's sauce as well. The sauce for both dishes are spicy and the bomb and you don't want to waste it, so sop it up with the rice! Now, if you can get there during lunch, they have a soup that is only served at that time. Chinese Chicken Cold Noodle Soup (I think). It's made with the same sauce as the Bon Bon Chicken. You WILL eat the entire bowl. This place is right in between Sony and 20th Century Fox studios and all my peeps from both have made pilgrimages to Hu's. Plus it's cheap and the service is great. The waiters are the kind of guys that will remember your name. So go often and they'll treat you like a star! MY ADVICE: Print this review, go with a bunch of friends and order only the dishes listed here (order it ALL 'cause it's cheap). Don't listen to the food snobs! Those people just don't get it and they never will. Let 'em eat at Chin Chin's. This place is for artists, hippies and the young at heart. This is the soul food from the East. Embrace it! Go to Hu's with the crew, have a great time and get your Szechwan Soul Food Grub on! OUT!

October 04, 2006
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