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Doesn't Recommend

Taix is History. A Horrible "dining" experience. Warning: Favoritism!. When the waiter realized that we would not be overspending, his entire demeanor changed. He ignored us. He never came by to ask if everything was OK. No refils. When new customers came beside us, he dotted on them. The partialism was obnoxious! There was a huge difference with the portions we received and what our neighbors received!!! I normally love Mom & Pop places and am an LA native. But the rude and stressful way the owner and server treated me has caused me to state to you - I will NEVER go there again. They made me feel like a criminal instead of an honored guest. We left a decent tip although they didn't deserve it. I would rather eat at home then be mistreated the way I was. If I was alone, I would have walked out. But I had guests & didn't want to cause a scene. I was uncomfortable for the meal. A shame & a waste. Food was very disappointing also. Maybe it is time for you to close down. Your attitude certainly wasn't right! Never! Jamais!

September 02, 2008