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Review from Citysearch


Charming, Great Service, Dont mind the decor!. I returned to Taix after a two year hiatus and was pleasantly suprized! They have changed a few menu items that made my night that much better! For starters the salads, the Blue Cheese used to be the same ole iceberg/carrot mix as the house, now the Blue cheese is an iceberg wedge (classy and refreshing) and the house salad is a nice mix of greens with the dressing pre-applied. No veggies on the either but still great starters! I also loved the new soups, all are vegetarian (vegan in fact) except the clam chowder of course but even on fridays they have a veg option! I dont need to go on and on about the food or service lets just say that the food came quickly and was freshly prepared, and the service was friendly but not overbearing! if you hated it before, try it again, it has made its comeback and proved why it has been around for so long!

April 24, 2008