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hasn't changed, anything. this place is a great place to take your mom from the midwest if she has not gone out to eat in 20 years. The food is pretty good and the wine list is the same. The place has big booths and even though they should update the menu, I still love to go here. You get a lame relish dish, iceburg salad with house dressing or blue cheese for an upcharge (SO 70's!) and soup is served in a bowl and left on your table. This might sound like a slam...but to ME - these are good points. I have yet to have an entree that would impress any foodie but I personally love it because it reminds me of a place my grandparrents would take me to when I was 6 (and I'm almost 40). Service is ok. Lot's of party rooms and a great bar area to have a cheese plate that your suburban aunt would think was "fancy" with a nice french wine. A quirky and nice date place if you like old school charm.

January 08, 2007