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Estee Lauder at Macy's a disappointment. To be frank, I've never been a big fan of Macy's compared to Nordstrom, where customer service is a priority among associates. My grandmother and I went to Macy's Estee Lauder counter about two weeks ago to pre-order some cosmetics for pick-up today so we could benefit from Estee Lauder's "Gift Time" promotion. The two of us returned there this afternoon and were very disappointed by the associates' general unhelpfulness and inefficiency to take care of customers. In addition to us, there were several other ladies also at the counter to pick-up their pre-ordered cosmetics, and it seems we were all very dissatisfied with poor, slow, and inattentive service by the Estee Lauder staff, who focused most, if not all, of their effort on selling products to prospective walk-in clients. My grandmother and I waited for about five minutes before someone helped us-- this was after we had already been "helped" by a lady behind the counter, instructing us to wait at a station where someone else would assist us. After waiting far longer than necessary, a staff member inadvertently checked to see if we had already been helped-- she was not responsible for manning the station we were sent to, but rather passing by while, presumably, helping others. It took nearly another ten minutes before she returned with our, as well as another customer's, items. Meanwhile, I overheard another disgruntled customer complain to another E.L. staff that she had been standing and waiting for over ten minutes, while the woman beside us complained that she was on her lunch break and didn't have time to waste waiting for the E.L. folks to work efficiently. I don't recommend the Estee Lauder folks at this Macy's location-- they were, in general, unhelpful and incompetent in filling customer needs.

September 13, 2006