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Potato Broccoli Pierogies are seared with soy ginger sauce and served over lemon kale. These are the best pierogies I've ever had. The broccoli mixture inside exploded with flavor - and not with just broccoli flavor but with an almost "parmesan cheese" flavor. The lemon kale was cooked to perfection and showed off its vibrant green color. The soy ginger sauce was slightly Asian in flavor but reminded me of aged balsamic vinegar - thick, robust, and slightly sweet. You'll definitely have an OMG moment or two! Thumbs up, way up! Quinoa Corn Cakes served with avocado and spicy "cream cheese" dressing. Wow - these were amazing! The quinoa gives you the texture of "stringy" crab meat with a nutty, hearty flavor. Fresh corn kernels added a sweet, juicy flavor. The avocado was at its peak ripeness and creamy. It matched perfectly with the corn cakes. The pickled cabbage added a zingy flavor. Make sure you eat them all together to experience the flavor explosion! Thumbs up, way up! Banana Split is 2 or 3 scoops of your choice of Icekreme, Bananas, Dry Topping, Raw Chocolate or Caramel Syrup. On this occasion, I tried the Superfood, Green Tea, and Key Lime Peach icekreme flavors and gogi berry and almond topping. The Superfood was surprisingly good. Whenever you think of Superfood, it reminds me of those wheat grass shots. But, this was totally different. It had a chocolate flavor base with the acai berry superfood. It has as much greens packed into it as a salad. The Key Lime Peach was almost a like a tart frozen yogurt with fresh key lime and peach flavor. The green tea was creamy and the coconut milk makes it luxurious, just like gourmet ice cream. This was tons of flavors and fun. Did I mention that this dessert is really good for you? OMG, that's a big YES! Thumbs up, way up! Pina Colada Smoothie contains banana, coconut, and pineapple. Creamier than the alcoholic drink, yet so much fun! This beats your chain smoothie shop any day. You can taste all of the fresh ingredients. These three fruits mixed well together whether it's a smoothie, snack, or dessert. I also love it because it's not overly sweet, just natural. Thumbs up, way up! Blueberry Strawberry Orange (when seasonally available) is like sipping on orange juice while eating a freshly picked basket of berries. It's sweet from the berries, but the zing of the orange juice adds a little bit of tart to the mix. The color of the smoothie is breathtaking with a beautiful purple hue. Thumbs up, way up!

August 24, 2012