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Overall good experience.. I've been doing hair removal treatments since the year 2000 in different facilities and nothing has worked well for me until American Laser Centers. I have referred personal friends and I myself have signed up for new packages after happily completing other packages with them that I started in 2006.......This means I have experienced both the new and old management and seen the new laser technologies cycle through the door throughout the years. They are always getting new equipment and keeping up with the times. Overall, I'm happy with the place. Electrolosis in other facilities never worked for me and was painful (I don't even know if anyone offers electrolosis anymore.....if they do then don't bother). A couple other laser facilities caused me to blister and burn. However, at American Laser Centers I've done full legs with great results (about 97% hair loss permanantly) and various other parts of the body with about 80% hair loss. My treatments would leave my skin a little pink for 1-2 hours and that is the only side effect.....the treatments were generally comfortable. Here's the thing, you can't judge your results until your package is over. You have to stick with it. The only problem I had with the old management was the difficulty getting anyone to pick up the phone or answer my messages. With the new managment, my calls are always returned quickly if the phone is not picked up right away. This place may be expensive but it is in their best interest to get you good and fast results. Places where you pay per treatment want you to keep coming back for treatments. American Laser Centers wants to get you results asap so you don't have to use their free warranty.......yes there is a warranty! And.......I like the staff at American Laser Centers.....all are licensed nurses and all are professional, friendly, and working hard to get your hair to never come back.

April 26, 2010
Doesn't Recommend

horrible horrible horrible. I want to kick myself for not doing the research before hand. I agree that the positive comments sound like they were written by the staff. Im sorry but I have been researching on reviews of ALC all over the country and about 99% of them are 1 star. That is not a coincidence. I have had so much trouble with this place and for the amount of money we spent you would think they'd treat their customers with a little bit of respect. I signed up for velashape in a location where the manager told me that they would be getting the machine in a couple of weeks. I kept calling back to see if the machine had arrived until one of the staff told me that they had no idea when it was supposed to arrive. That was back in October of 2007, it is not August 2008 and they still dont have the machine. Basically I was lied to. Since I paid for the service I had to switch to another location further away from my house- and that took ages. I had to call 8 or 9 times for them to finally send my file over. It seems to me that transferring a patient's file to a different location is about one of the simplest tasks that a person can be asked to perform, but apparently it is too difficult or complex for the staff at alc. I am so fed up with them I wish there was something I could do to get my money back, if anyone has advice, please let me know. Bottom line- dont sign up for any treatments with ALC they are rude, incompetent, and money hungry. They dont care about you at all.

August 18, 2008

NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS FREE!!!!. I am so curious as to why some of these people are so unhappy with this facility...I think the staff is the BEST thing about this company! I've had treatments with a dermatologist before and you would think a doctor's office would have been able to provide me with great customer care and results but I got none of that! I won a coupon online and decided to give American Laser Centers a try. I met with Ashley (the manager) and I really liked her. I'm very self conscious about my skin and the damage I have on my face...I thought she was very sweet and understanding and she really knew what she was talking about and she made me feel hopeful. I did feel a little rushed during the paperwork portion but I'm an adult and it was my choice whether or not to read the material that was in front of me. After hearing everything she had to say, I really trusted her and felt I was in good hands. All in all, I had a great experience. After my 3rd treatment, I was concerned that I wasn't seeing the results I had hoped for and when I called Ashley, she asked me to come in so we would go over my file together. I came in and we consulted again and after we figured out what else we could do, she had the nurse there give me a complimentary treatment! I was so happy when I finished my package that I signed up for another service! I think a lot of these people who had unpleasant experiences should ask themselves if perhaps they could have handled themselves any differently. Perhaps they aren't innocent victims of a corporate scam but maybe a little on the foolish side.....Didn't your mother ever tell you...Nothing in this world is free!

February 12, 2008

Great Place!. I've been going to American Laser for two years now. I've had great results! And anything that grows back within 2 years of your last service they remove for free! So really you're not paying for 6 treatments. You're paying for two and a half years worth of treatment, which they offer at a geat deal. Most laser places charge you at least $75 for each touch up and they don't guarntee that all the hair will be gone after your alloted 5 or 6 treatments. I got a bikini and underarm package for $1500. I made friends with the girl who treats me and she does my stomach for free everytime I go. They always have 20% off specials going on and even if they don't once you become a customer they hook you up with deals on additional packages. I didn't get any scars or have any bad reactions to the treatment. Just smooth skin with just a little bit of hair left, but they're taking care of that with the touch ups. Here's the only problem, which I feel the other people who wrote comments were coming in contact with. They often don't hire a secretary or front desk person. They usually have the girls that do the the treatments work the desk when they're not conducting a treatment so sometimes it can be difficult to get a hold of someone if it's busy and everyone's in rooms conducting treatments. But just leave a message and they'll get back to you. Most of the time I do get calls confirming my appointment, but basically just be a responsible person, write it in your calender, and rely on yourself to keep your appointment.

January 11, 2008
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