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Doesn't Recommend

On The Fence. I have been tanning at Darque Tan since Robbie opened the first one in Houston, TX sometime in the 90's. It was always great in Texas! They even had a 24hour location! BUT..after moving to Beverly Hills, my opinion of the place has gone downhill. First of all, I buy a package and because they can see that I've been a member before, they didn't really hassle me about a bigger more expensive package. Mine was 18.88 a month. That was good. Then I got really annoyed by the constant upsale! Not all of the staff, but most, would argue with me about how many minutes and what bed I wanted. I'm 31 years old and I have been tanning here for years! If I want to tan in a level 4 two days in a row..leave me alone about it! They have this "always upgrade to the next level" theory...but not ONCE did they say after I tanned in a level 5 bed "do you want to go back to a level 1?" After a level's "do you want to do a level 4?" I say no I prefer the level 3, and some of them have flat out argued with me then rolled their eyes as they put me in a level 3. Then it's do you want the level 4?? OK. I'll take the level 4. Then the 5?? OK..I'll take level 5. Then wow..what do you know...?? For some reason after a level's " you want to do a level 5 again" It's not a question. It's them telling me what I want. (But isn't your whole theory about rotating the beds??) I'll say..I'll take the level 4 bed, and I get the response "the level 4 is not going to give you the tan you are looking for" REALLY?? Cause 3 days ago you told me level 4 was the way to go.. It's ANNOYING. Last week, they tried selling me some $200 lotions, I lifted up my clear Darque Tan lotion bag and showed them my lotions were full...but that didn't help. She kept going and going about the stupid lotion that I CLEARLY didn't need. Anyhow, long story short. If you're a Texan in Beverly Hills...don't expect the same customer service. Oh...and one of the employees (I won't say her name) likes to go home early and has straight up told me at 6:15pm on a Sunday (they close at 7) that I could only tan for 15 minutes instead of the 20 I asked for...then I saw her walking out of the door at 6:45. Boo!!

August 30, 2010