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Doesn't Recommend

Filthy Beds and they will not refund your $$. My girlfriend used to live in Texas and tanned at this place so when we were looking to tan again- we headed right over to the Beverly Hills location. I used to manage a tanning salon- I know what the bulbs should look like and how the beds should be cleaned. These beds are FILTHY and the employees are less than knowledgeable about the beds, their cleanliness or their products. I tanned on one of the regular beds(which is part of the monthly package) and was itching for hours afterwards. I complained and was not able to get in to the office to do a cancellation for weeks- when I finally did the Corp office basically said- too bad- you only have 7 days to get a refund. That would be acceptable if their beds were CLEAN and I was cancelling for a different reason. I gave them EXTRA money in good faith because I intended to tan there often. They refuse to refund any of my money. I would HIGHLY recommend that you do not tan at this salon.

March 21, 2007