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Review from Citysearch

Joanna b.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE this place!! I have finally found a car repair shop I can fully trust, and feel comfortable with. They are so honest and don't beat around the bush. The fix now pay later program is such a blessing. who likes getting car repairs and having to pay the big bucks all at once? I know I sure don't, and also don't have the money for it. So I am so thankful for this program. my bill came up to 950$! I only had to put down 200$ and had 2 mths to pay it off in. I have referred so many people, (who also btw LOVE the program) . You can always tell if a place truly cares about your car, and I can tell you THEY DO! they make sure you are pleased and go through everything with you if you do not understand something. since I am a girl and don't know much about cars! lol With this being said. anyone who needs car repairs, GO TO PLATINUM PLUS!!! you will not regret it!! I have never been so happy getting car repairs before haha

February 28, 2014