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TRICKERY! TRICKERY! My son and I drove my vehicle to Platinum for a diagnostic test to find the cause of a"ticking" noise. After about 5hrs, we were told, instead of putting the car on the machine to diagnose the problem, the tech drove the car and came up with over 10 things that would fix the problem. Our cost would cost $820.63 plus $35.00 per month if we wanted to pay over 2 months. When we arrived to pick up the vehicle, she gave me an estimate sheet and informed me that if payments are missed it will be a charge of $450.00 pick up/ towing fee plus $15.00/ day storage. But she was unable to give me any reason as to why the car wasn't placed on the machine as we had requested, per phone conversation prior to taking car to their business and when arrived at the business.[ We also went back to the business once and called several times to check status of vehicle, and was told car would be placed on machine as soon as bay was available}. She even gave us the prices to have the car placed on the diagnostic machine, price cheaper if they fix the problem(s). TRICKERY!!! TRICKERY!!! We started car, put it in drive and it SHUT OFF!!! After doing this several times. The car had to be towed to residence. The next day we had another mechanic check the vehicle. Less than 3mins he discovered what happened at Platinum... someone had taken the vacuum hose off and tucked it behind the motor which caused the car to shut off when put into drive!!!!! When my son went to and I called Platinum the office personnel and tech denied ever touching the vacuum hose even though they were in possession of the vehicle. EQUATION: Car DRIVEN to Platinum Plus Auto Repairs - approximately 5 hrs later Car TOWED away from Platinum Auto Repairs. You do the math.

September 11, 2013