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Disappointing Service. I saw this place on the food networks "Best Thing I Ever Ate" when Giada said her favorite dessert of all time could be found here. Since the show, the place has taken on new management. I came in town from out of state to visit friends and decided I had to try this place. I couldn't wait. It looked beautiful when I arrived, but was told they weren't serving anymore (about 9:30 pm, the website and window said 10:30, with the bar open until 12am) I said I just wanted dessert, so the host said we could do that and seated my friends and me. There were these two stuffy french men who came from the kitchen (The new manager staff) and approached our table. They just stood there. Starring down at us. One finally asked if he could help us. I asked for a dessert menu, and he said "I'm done." with his french accent. In his Rock and Republic jeans. It was just weird. We all starred at him blankly and he replied, "The kitchen is closed." I just said, "We were told we could still get dessert?" THEN he slyly walks off. A lady comes to our table and was extremely rude. "Our kitchen is closed, you can get drinks at the bar, but you can't sit in the dining area." As if we just waltzed right in and sat ourselves down?? We were told we could get dessert!!! So awkward. Well, we finally made our way to the lounge and were served our stinking dessert. WHICH was good, but rather small, and I couldn't even pay attention to the food because of the french managers peering at us the rest of the night. How strange.

March 11, 2011
Doesn't Recommend

TINY portions, subpar taste, WORSE service from our server, and poor service from the hostess. Went on New Years with my spouse and another couple and ordered off of their Prix Fixe menu. We received each course and then the TINY entrees; the taste was subpar. The couple I went with said the entrees are double the size; I was extremely upset that the menu didn't say smaller than usual portions; we paid for full orders and received half of their usual order. On top of that, I can say we had the worse server (Caroline). We were sitting at our table for about 20 mins before she came to greet us. She stood in the front just looking into space for most of the evening. She came by only once to ask how everything was. We received our dessert (my spouse makes better desserts) and was looking for her to order coffee, but she was nowhere in sight; we waited for about 10min and ate it. AFTER we were done with everything, she came up and asked if we wanted dessert and I said no thank you kindly. The bus boys did a great, and deserve the tip not the server. To top it off, I called and spoke to the hostess Vanessa and I kindly asked to speak to a manager and she said he was at another table and could not speak. I asked if I left my name and number if he could call me back sometime by 2am (it was about 9:30pm) and she said Bruno cannot do that. If you can?t make time on New Years or not to talk to a customer for maybe 5 mins over 4+ hours to at least to say I?ll call you back at another time, what kind of service. Then again, this was what the hostess said about Bruno, but maybe he would have called back. From this $300+ meal, the portion size, and the server I can?t rate this experience more than 1 star, if that. This wasn?t even a subpar experience. If you don?t mind poor service, VERY poor, small portions, subpar taste, and decent atmosphere then go here, but I suggest Gynerai across the street any day!  They have SUPER service, good food, GREAT ambience and it?s just a better place!

January 01, 2009
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