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Western Smoke House

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Texas treats in West LA. I hate people that throw out "i'm from texas so i must know... bbq" or "i'm from NY and I know pizza". See, the reason i hate it is this. I'm from TX too but it doesn't make me an expert or bbq queen. In fact, i'm sure there's a lot of crappy bbq in TX. Just cuz a region is famous for it doesn't mean its good. and just because you 'know' something doesn't mean it's right. /rant over. But I do appreciate the extensive menu options at Western Smoke House. Fried alligator was a favorite of mine down south and it has been a journey looking for places that serve it. Luckily my search has ended here. And right in my neighborhood too. They also have rabbit stew, duck sausage, and many other 'TX' treats. OK i just went on and on about the alligator that I didn't try. but I'm just saying if I WANTED to have some. it's right around the corner. We opted for the combo meals instead - I got the rib tips + brisket + collard greens + corn bread + fried eggplant. Mmmmmm. The rib tips were great even the day after. Tender and charred in the right places. I actually prefer sucking on bone so I might just get the regular ribs next time. The brisket was so tender! It goes so well with the greens which was cooked in turkey broth. It was good - not overly 'vinegar'd' . I heated it up the next day with some cayenne pepper and seasoning salt and it was perfect. The cornbread was meh. and the fried eggplant got soggy during in the container. The meals run about 22-26 bucks but it is enough for two people or if you don't have friends, you can heat it up the next day for yourself.

February 01, 2010