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El Nopal

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Delicious, home-made Mexican food. Prices and service aren't bad.. I go to El Nopal because the food is fantastic. I happen to live close by and tried it out - I've been hooked ever since. First off, their salsa is outstanding. It's pretty spicy, but I might be so bold to say its my favorite salsa anywhere. The food is very fresh and very 'home made'. Their tacos are hand-made, crunchy and tasty, stuffed with lots of chicken or beef, cheese, lettuce and red sauce. Their soft-shelled tacos include your choice of some pretty tasty carne asada (seasoned beef) or carnitas (pork). The burritos are huge and the list of ingredients to choose from are all delicious, including all the usual suspects: onions, bell peppers, chorizo (sausage), carne asada, , chicken, gaucomole and much more. Also, the quality of the food has been very consistent for me - very fresh and tasty - and I've eaten here many times. El Nopal also has some other staples such as Fajitas (Their pollo fajitas are made with seasoned chicken BREAST meat, interestingly enough), taquitos, tortas and so on... The prices are not DIRT cheap compared to some other Mexican places (Tacos are about $3 and a burrito will probably run about $8 ($10 maximum for unlimited additions), but this is definitely a 'you get what you pay for' place. You'll still spend less here than you will at most restaurants in West LA though and the portions are pretty large. The service at El Nopal is okay to good. The people are friendly, but there's usually only one server so it can be slow sometimes. For me, it's definitely worth the wait.

May 28, 2007