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After reading the reviews, I think I will try it again!. My boyfriend and I just moved to this Palms area in August. We've been talking about trying the Vegan Joint for months but have not gotten around to it. After having a night to myself, I decided to try the place out. I walked in and approached the counter. My first reaction was that he wasn't very welcoming and was too busy at the counter to actually greet me or take my order. I felt a little uncomfortable like I was bugging him by standing there and I actually considered leaving and trying the Mexican restaurant 2 doors down instead. I decided to ignore it and I ordered anyway. Aside from the not so friendly service I received, I took my food home and ate it. I wish I could say it was amazing, but in all honesty, it was okay.. it wasn't bad. I had the garlic and cilantro soy chicken entree with a side of veggies, brown rice and an order of potatoes. I was a little disappointed with the food because it tasted a little bland. The veggies didn't taste fresh, they tasted and looked like "frozen out-of-the-bag-veggies," and the potatoes were pretty bland. They could have definitely used a lot more seasoning. All in all it was a mediocre affordable healthy meal. Perhaps I didn't have the "right" dish or perhaps I just had high expectations from when I lived in Northern California and had awesome vegan meals everyday at a local vegan restaurant. Aside from the not-so-welcoming service I received and the frozen veggies, I think I'll try this place out again because it's vegan, affordable and close by. Maybe I'l have a better experience next time worthy of posting again!

December 17, 2006
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