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Decent Cuban but Watch Your Bill. I used to live half a block from Versailles and now I live two blocks. However, I only go there now when friends drag me. Although the food is decent and great price, I've had an awful experience as of late. I went with a group of 10 for a celebration. Even though we stayed there about another fifteen minutes or so after we paid the bill, THEY DID NOT COME BACK WITH THE CHANGE!!! We overtipped our already generous tip by over $30!!! We thought someone had taken it but after checking with everyone, it was confirmed that the waiter did not come back. Another time, a friend and I (just two of us) were seated at a four-person table (two 2-person tables connected). I guess they got busy so they just took the other table-- which would have been fine except they just took it. No "excuse me" or explanation. My handbag that as on the other table as well as the vase were just moved to our two-person table. Versailles has cheap eats but understand that when it gets busy, service just gets weird.

August 19, 2007