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Not too impressed.... We met our friends here for dinner last night (on their suggestion, but we had been wanting to try it). I must say...not too great. I don't eat red meat and that was a problem--so vegetarians be warned-there are maybe three options. I ended up getting a grilled chicken sandwhich, my boyfriend got the fish. Neither had very much flavor to it, and his was more bones than fish. The garlic and butter bread they served us first was better than the actual meal.The other people we were with seemed to enjoy their meals, so there must be some good things (I hear the garlic chicken is what they're know for). They also serve plantains with EVERYTHING, but they weren't very good, I don't like them too much anyway, but my boyfriend loves them and he didn't think these were too great. Our waiter was very friendly and attentive, but it took at least half an hour for our food, and they weren't that busy. One thing that bothered me especially is that they sprayed off the tables around us with Windex, and no one wants a thick amonia smell while they're eating. This would be fun with a big group of people, you could order a few dishes to try and pass around and get a few bottles of wine. Other than that, I probably won't hurry back.

July 03, 2007