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Motek Diamonds by IDC

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If you're looking to get a diamond engagement ring, Motek will save you a ton of money. While looking around, I stumbled upon Motek's website and information. At first I admit I thought it seemed a bit sketch, but I made an appointment (important: no walk-ins, only meeting by appointment) and met with the guys at Motek. Basically, they are wholesalers, and I mean real wholesalers. They supply many of those "wholesalers" you'd find in the WTC. Basically, this is how it works. You set up an appointment to meet with them one-on-one, you walk in, talk a little about what you're looking for, and they bring out some loose diamonds for you to take a look at. They give you pointers and help you understand what you're looking for and what you're buying and why you're buying what you're looking for. One thing that really put me at ease was that there was absolutely no pressure to spend more on a diamond. Actually, I was discouraged from spending more just because I found a diamond under my budget. He said, "Why spend more? You found a great diamond that you like under your budget, save that money, spend it on the engagement dinner!" Seriously, that is rare candor and honesty, which I really appreciated. However, please note that at first the guys might sound like slick sales guys, but really they're trying to make it all a win-win situation. Motek also will get your diamond mounted in whatever ring and setting you like (literally, there are tons of options you can choose from, it took me a while to sort through it all). Compared to retail stores that I had visited, I literally saved 40-50% on everything.

February 19, 2013