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The Pour House

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The owner is a THIEF!. The owner is a thief! I’ve never had this happen before and I’m still in shock! I just got off the phone with Liam Bigelow, one of the owners of what is now Pour House; formerly S.N.O.B. Wine Bar located at 1327 Polk St (between Bush St & Austin St). He told me that he would not honor a gift certificate from S.N.O.B at his new bar! He said ‘S.N.O.B. shut down in June or July [of this year]…’ and even though he is partial owner of the new bar he will not honor the gift certificate. This gift certificate I won at a fundraiser at my cousin’s art show in the city back in 2007. Granted, the gift certificate is from 3 years ago but is this even relevant; there is not an expiration date? He was very rude to me on the phone and laughed out loud many times when we talked about the gift certificate being from 2007. Liam kept reminding me that S.N.O.B. is no longer in business. I explained to him, I travel for work and I don’t live in the City right now; ‘How am I to know the business had closed? I wasn’t notified and neither did my cousin..’. And then he gave an analogy that is quite telling; he actually said “this would be like if you walked into a Mac Donald’s that was once a Kentucky Fried Chicken and try to order KFC…” he asked me, “what do you think they would say?”. I was blown away. I responded “I’m not talking with a franchise owner of Mac Donald’s; I’m talking with the owner of a wine bar in San Francisco.” Since the conversation was going very poorly I asked if he could simply asses the monetary value of the gift certificate and reimburse me; and he said ‘no’. The gift certificate is for an ‘8 person private wine tasting’. I told him I want to come in with only two of my girlfriends and use the gift certificate. To this; he said, all he could do is offer me three glasses of wine. Clearly, I am not interested in sitting in this mans wine bar after he has cheated me and my cousin out of money and been excessively rude. Before we finished the call Liam took my phone number and said he would call me back after he talked this over with his new business partner; it’s been over a week and he hasn’t called. Like I said I’m still in shock. I’ve lived in California all my life and I love it here. I’ve never had an experience that even comes close to this with a business owner, especially a small business owner. He seems like a bad person who I would not support.

October 27, 2010